Environmental Health Risk Communication: Assessing Levels of Fish-Consumption Literacy Among Selected Southeast Asians

Author Name: 
Dhitinut Ratnapradipa a , Thomas D. Getz b , Christina Zarcadoolasc , Anthony D. Panzara d , Valerie Esposito e , Alicia B. Wodika a , Colleen Caron g h , Beverly Migliore b & Daniela N. Qui
Publication Date: 
Saturday, September 11, 2010
The authors conducted a face-to-face interview tool to determine content, communication channels, and credible surveyors to relay information about environmental pollutants. Only a third reporting having ever seen fish advisories. More trust was placed in doctors and government agencies than in other sources of health information. Less than half of participants reported ever hearing of mercury and polychlorinated biphenyl contamination in fish. The information collected here assisted in the modification of state outreach strategies for the local Southeast Asian community.