High serum PCBs are associated with elevation of serum lipids and cardiovascular disease in a Native American population

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Goncharov, A., Haase, R. F., Santiago-Rivera, A., et al.
Publication Date: 
Friday, January 4, 2008
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There are significant correlations between fat, high body mass index (BMI), age, polychlorinated biphenyls and heart disease. Common factors are heart disease, gender, genetics, hormone levels and stress. There are reports that the introduction of PCB’s and many other chemicals increase growth of lipids (type of fat) in the body. People with elevated levels of PCB in their system have also been at risk for stroke. What Gocharov et al are asking in this article is “Does exposure to dioxin or PCBs cause an elevation in level of serum lipids, or does an elevation in serum lipids, due to other causes, lead to only an apparent elevation in the serum levels of dioxins and PCBs?” A statistical analysis is done and results shown, the study was on 277 participants with a mean age of 39, the average values of cholesterol were not higher than average. A confirmatory latent analysis was done after and a multiple regression model with age as the variable. Overall Goncharov et al claim that their research proves that there is a relationship between serum PCB’s and heart disease.