Organochlorine levels in maternal and umbilical cord blood plasma in Arctic Canada

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Jody Butler Walkera,*,1, Laura Seddonb, Ed McMullena, Jan Housemanc, Karen Tofflemirec, Andre ́ Corriveaub, Jean-Phillipe Weberd, Carole Millse, Samuel Smithf, Jay Van Oostdamg
Publication Date: 
Saturday, February 2, 2002
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This article was headed by the same team as the last one and uses the same methodologies. It is also concerned with Inuit women and comparing them against Caucasian women. Except this time the researchers tested for different contaminants. Rich data on PCB conjeners, otal lipids (gyl) Aldrin Alpha-chlordane Beta-HCH Cis-nonachlor pp9-DDE
pp9-DDT pp9-DDEypp9-DDT Dieldrin Gamma-chlordane Hexachlorobenzene Heptachlor epoxide Mirex Oxychlordane Trans-nonachlor Aroclor 1260,0 were collected in a group of 300 total, specifically in cord blood plasma. Data on toxaphene pesticides was also collected. The Conclusion from the article Butler Walker, J. 2003 says this: “The presence of multiple chlorinated organic substances have been confirmed in Inuit and non-Aboriginal women and their newborns in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut. These results, coupled with the paucity of data regarding health effects of chronic exposure to low dose mixtures, support the need for national and international initiatives to reduce the use and release of organochlorine contaminants, and for northerners to be kept informed about progress in this important area.’ End quote. I found this article to be just as interesting as the next in the series. Anyone with a thirst for data on the PCB and toxicology especially regarding pesticide use in Inuit lands would be well served to consult this article unless updated data is released.