. Relationships of putative endocrine disruptors to human sexual maturation and thyroid activity in youth

Author Name: 
Schell, L. M., Gallo, M. V.
Publication Date: 
Tuesday, February 9, 1999
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This review summarizes was created for National Institute of Health (NIH) and is a dissertation by Schell et al which talks about their studies of the relationships of measured persistent organic pollutants (PCBs, p,p′- DDE, HCB and mirex), and heavy metals (lead and mercury), to outcomes directly related to thyroid function and sexual maturation. Schell states that measuring endocrine disruptors in humans outside of the laboratory is quite challenging. Humans are subject to daily, multichemical exposure. Human experimentation has a serious array of ethical and legal pitfalls. Trust must also be earned when dealing with a tight-knit community, any false words or manipulations could turn the entire community against you if serious. Nevertheless, In these projects Schell et al were able to measure multiple toxicants and thereby capture some of the exposure complexity of human populations. Basically a overview of all that has been learned so far to this date is gotten into and data is shared. A discussion on what the findings mean is included. Later studies follow.