Review of the health effects of methylmercury

Author Name: 
Inskip, M. J., Piotrowski, J. K.
Publication Date: 
Thursday, August 8, 1985
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This study is prototypical, it talks about what harmful effects Methylmercury had been shown to cause in general average populations in those Europeans who ate fish nearby the Mediterranean Sea, and also studied Japan and Canada by 1985. Studies like these were the beginning of showing the concern of what these pollutants could do and inspired future researchers to find the effect of chemicals on Indigenous people who had some of the most exposure to fish in their diets. Hair samples were decided as an excellent measuring tool, by using these samples many conclusions were formed. This study is very interesting because it provides a starting point to learn about the subject and adds insight into the history of this study. The way Methylmercury reacts in the body is gone into more detail; the exact how’s and whys are discussed more clearly in the Inskip and Piotrowski report than in most of the reports of the bibliography. Readers will learn the following about Methylmercury: the elimination by excrement, the kinetics of the chemical through the body and its half life, animal testing results, the effects in Iraq, Niigata Japan, symptoms of poisoning, effects of the nervous system in humans, and the effect of certain antidotes tried against the harmful effects. The underlying data makes this an excellent report to begin learning about the health effects of Methylmercury by getting historical context or learn about European exposures.