Smoking cessation and its determinants among older American Indians: The Strong Heart Study

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Henderson, Patricia N., Rhoades, Dorothy, Henderson, Jeffrey A., Welty, Thomas K. and Buchwald, Dedra.
Publication Date: 
Wednesday, May 5, 2004
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Using the Strong Heart Study template, Henderson et al discovered the problems of smoking epidemic on older American Indians. Her team found that smoking is reaching epidemic levels in her American Indian research group, and that these problems are killing American Indians. Her team recommends smoking cessession immediately and health literacy about smoking to be a special case to Indigenous population focus. However as American Indians “view tobacco as a sacred plant, and utilize it for ceremonial purposes, a culturally appropriate approach will be required to effectively address the devastating effects of cigarette smoking among older American Indians.”(Henderson, 2004) The team recommends caution in action because of the culturally sensitive nature of tobacco and peyote use.