Susanna Herndon

Susanna HerndonSusanna Herndon

Contact Information

Susanna Herndon (520) 626-5594
Program Coordinator
Office Location
1703 E. Mabel, Room 331A
Campus POB: PO Box 210207
Tucson, AZ 85721

Title & Affiliations

Program Coordinator, Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center

Administrative Support, Integrative Health Sciences Facility Core, SWEHSC


Environmental Health Research & Expertise

Ms. Herndon has served as the Program Coordinator for the SWEHSC since 1999.  She manages the day-to-day activities of the Center, provides assistance to all units within  the SWEHSC and coordinates Center activities with staff at the NIEHS and at other NIEHS centers. Her responsibilities include the coordination of information retrieval and dissemination within the SWEHSC, preparation of reports, meetings and activities of the Internal and External Advisory Committees, the SWEHSC Science Fair, arrangements for SWEHSC-sponsored scientific workshops, travel, room scheduling , and other arrangements for SWEHSC seminar speakers, all business and financial operations associated with the SWEHSC. In addition, Ms. Herndon maintains a database of all SWEHSC members' research support and publications, processes purchase requisitions for the SWEHSC, assists the Director, Deputy Director, Research Focus Group and Facility Core Directors in assembling information for reports and research summaries, and assists the Director and Deputy Director in writing reports and preparing research summaries.

Ms. Herndon also attends and records minutes for all management meetings.  She serves as a primary contact and routing point for investigators seeking IHS assistance, directing them to a Co-Director for follow-up. In addition, Ms. Herndon attends all Project Consult Meetings, where she organizes and records project plans and milestones, keeping track of completed and uncompleted target dates. She reports back the current status of projects at SWEHSC Management Meetings as a regular agenda item.