Understanding health literacy: an expanded model.

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Zarcadoolas C, Pleasant A, Greer DS.
Publication Date: 
Saturday, January 1, 2005
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Poor education, low literacy, poor health, and early death are strongly linked around the world. However, the complexity of those relationships is not fully understood. The researchers propose an expanded model of health literacy characterized by four domains: fundamental literacy (reading, writing, speaking and numeracy), science literacy, civic literacy and cultural literacy. To explore the utility of this model, they examine selected pieces of the public discourse about terrorism and bioterrorism that dominated the mass media during the anthrax threat in the United States during 2001. The authors conclude that their multi-dimensional model of health literacy is useful for analyzing health communication, constructing more understandable and appropriate health communication, and ultimately leading to the development of a new measure to assess individual health literacy skills. (Martin, J. 2013)