Dr. Tsaprailis awarded $916,045 for a LTQ Velos Orbitrap LC-MS/MS system by NIH/NCRR

The only Orbitrap mass spectrometer on the University of Arizona campus, the awarded instrument will greatly enhance ability to obtain extremely accurate mass measurements and to identify with greater confidence proteins important for national defense, vaccine development, and those important for increasing our understanding of chemical toxicity, protein signaling, and pathogenicity of disease. The awarded instrument will fit into the fleet of proteomic tools and protocols already in place in the SWEHSC Proteomics Core. In addition, the instrument will be used as a training tool, like all other hardware in place, for current and future graduate-level students engaging actively in health-related research. The High End Instrumentation grant was supported by various SWEHSC members in including Drs. Boitano, Lau and Wondrak, whose research projects related to environmental health fit into the 3 strategic areas identified in the application (defense, top-down proteomics coupled to high accuracy bottom-up proteomics, and identification of cross-linked peptides). Fifteen percent of the remaining use of this instrument will be available to other SWEHSC members (eg., Drs. Chen and Zhang) who may have a need for increased mass accuracy, top-down protein sequencing of small to medium sized proteins, characterization of post-translational modifications, and peptide cross-links. The Orbitrap is expected to be delivered mid July 2010 and will be housed in the Proteomics Service Facility in the BIO5 Keating Building (room 106).