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Ducey writes letter to Defense Department urging action on contaminated groundwater near AZ military bases Tue May 4, 2021
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Smoggy Streets May Make Daily Walk a Health Hazard Thu Jan 18, 2018
Smoggy Air May Spawn Weaker Sperm Fri Dec 1, 2017
Allergens widespread in largest study of U.S. homes Fri Dec 1, 2017
Air pollution exposure in early pregnancy linked to miscarriage, NIH study suggests Mon Nov 27, 2017
Pollution Tied to 9 Million Deaths Worldwide in 2015 Thu Oct 26, 2017
Tighter Rules on Arsenic in Water Saved Lives: Study Thu Oct 26, 2017
Lead in Drinking Water in Schools and Childcare Facilities Thu Oct 26, 2017
Respiratory Disease Death Rates Have Soared Wed Oct 11, 2017
Dirty Air Might Harm Your Kidneys Wed Sep 27, 2017
'Off-Roading' Threat May Lurk in the Air Wed Sep 27, 2017
Could Pests, Dust Lower Kids' Odds for Asthma? Wed Sep 27, 2017
Minorities Exposed to Dirtier Air, U.S. Study Finds Thu Sep 21, 2017
New Program to Protect Health and Encourage Actions for Healthier Air Fri Sep 15, 2017
Harvey's Wrath Still Poses Risks to Children Thu Sep 14, 2017
Smoking Bans Help Kids Breathe Easier Thu Sep 14, 2017
Florida Confronts Irma's Aftermath Thu Sep 14, 2017
Climate Change Indicators: Health and Society Wed Aug 30, 2017
‘Thunderstorm Asthma’ Kills 8 in Australia Mon Aug 21, 2017
Climate Change May Up Asthma Irritant, Study Says Tue Jul 11, 2017
On July 4th, Declare Your Independence from Charcoal Lighter Fluid! Thu Jun 29, 2017
Secondhand Smoke Still Plagues Some Cancer Survivors Wed Jun 28, 2017
Wallpaper May Breed Toxins Wed Jun 28, 2017
Group Urges Tougher Limits on Chemical in Shampoos, Cosmetics Wed Jun 21, 2017
Baby Teeth Study Points to Links Between Autism, Lead Levels Mon Jun 12, 2017