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Health Disparities and Toxicant Exposure of Akwesasne Mohawk Young Adults: A Partnership Approach to Research Fri Aug 7, 2015
PCBs and cognitive functioning of Mohawk adolescents Fri Aug 7, 2015
Advancing Biocultural Models by Working with Communities: A Partnership Approach Fri Aug 7, 2015
Contribution of PCB exposure from fish consumption to total dioxin-like dietary exposure Fri Aug 7, 2015
Assessment of PCB congener analytical methods: do they meet risk assessment needs? Fri Aug 7, 2015
Lung cancer in a nonsmoking underground uranium miner Fri Aug 7, 2015
. Use of lead isotope ratios to identify sources of lead exposure in Alaska Natives Fri Aug 7, 2015
Uranium in drinking water: renal effects of long-term ingestion by an aboriginal community Fri Aug 7, 2015
Back to the basics - estimating the sensitivity of freshwater to acidification using traditional approaches Fri Aug 7, 2015
Methylmercury risk and awareness among American Indian women of childbearing age living on an inland northwest reservation Fri Aug 7, 2015
Risk factors associated with clinic visits during the 1999 forest fires near the Hoopa Valley Indian Reservation, California, USA Fri Aug 7, 2015
Lead sources, behaviors, and socioeconomic factors in relation to blood lead of native american and white children: a community-based assessment of a former mining area Fri Aug 7, 2015
Exposure analysis of five fish-consuming populations for overexposure to methylmercury Fri Aug 7, 2015
Correlation clusters in the accumulation of metals in human scalp hair: effects of age, community of residence, and abundances of metals in air and water supplies Fri Aug 7, 2015
Trace metals in scalp hair of children and adults in three Alberta Indian villages Fri Aug 7, 2015
An examination of the trade-offs in public health resulting from the use of default exposure assumptions in fish consumption advisories Fri Aug 7, 2015
Balancing risks in the management of contaminated first nations fisheries Fri Aug 7, 2015
Lessons learned from a woodstove changeout on the Nez Perce Reservation Fri Aug 7, 2015
Freedom of religion versus civil authority in matters of health Fri Aug 7, 2015
Predominant anthropogenic sources and rates of atmospheric mercury accumulation in southern Ontario recorded by peat cores from three bogs: comparison with natural "background" values (past 8000 years) Fri Aug 7, 2015
High serum PCBs are associated with elevation of serum lipids and cardiovascular disease in a Native American population Fri Aug 7, 2015
Lower serum testosterone associated with elevated polychlorinated biphenyl concentrations in Native American men Fri Aug 7, 2015
Environmental exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls and placental CYP1A1 activity in Inuit women from northern Quebec Fri Aug 7, 2015
Using community-based participatory research to shape policy and prevent lead exposure among Native American children Fri Aug 7, 2015
An exploratory study of diabetes in a First Nation community with respect to serum concentrations of p,p'-DDE and PCBs and fish consumption Fri Aug 7, 2015
From dogs to frogs: how pets, laboratory animals, and wildlife aided in elucidating harmful effects arising from a hazardous dumpsite Fri Aug 7, 2015
Analysis of hydroxylated metabolites of PCBs (OH-PCBs) and other chlorinated phenolic compounds in whole blood from Canadian inuit Fri Aug 7, 2015
Elevated levels of PCBs in first nation communities of the Western James Bay region of Northern Ontario, Canada: the use of correspondence analysis to identify source of exposure Fri Aug 7, 2015
Pentachlorophenol and hydroxylated polychlorinated biphenyl metabolites in umbilical cord plasma of neonates from coastal populations in Quebec Fri Aug 7, 2015
Prenatal exposure of the northern Quebec Inuit infants to environmental contaminant Fri Aug 7, 2015