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Prevalence of peripheral arterial disease and associated risk factors in American Indians Fri Aug 7, 2015
The importance of weight-normalized exposure data when issuing fish advisories for protection of public health Fri Aug 7, 2015
Collaboration versus communication: The Department of Energy's Amchitka Island and the Aleut Community2 Fri Aug 7, 2015
Water: a Human Right Or a Human Responsibility? Fri Aug 7, 2015
The Distinctiveness of Property and Heritage Fri Aug 7, 2015
Seeking Breaches in the Wall: An International Human Rights Law Challenge to the Texas-Mexico Border Wall Fri Aug 7, 2015
Seeking a Shared Understanding of the Human Right to Water: Collaborative use Agreements in the Umatilla and Walla Walla Basins of the Pacific Northwest Fri Aug 7, 2015
Index to the American Journal of Legal History Volumes 1-50 Fri Aug 7, 2015
From Wood Treatment to Unequal Treatment: The Story of the St. Regis Superfund Site Fri Aug 7, 2015
Executive Authority, Adaptive Treaty Interpretation, and the International Boundary and Water Commission, U.S. Fri Aug 7, 2015
Better Late than Never? the Effect of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act's Fri Aug 7, 2015
when Cultures Collide: Foreign Direct Investment, Natural Resources, and Indigenous Heritage in International Investment Law Fri Aug 7, 2015
Exercise of Sovereignty: Attaining Attainment for Indian Tribes Under the Clean Air Act Fri Aug 7, 2015
Environmental causes of cancer among Native Americans Fri Aug 7, 2015
Malignant mesothelioma. A cluster in a native American pueblo Fri Aug 7, 2015
Balancing risks in the management of contaminated first nations fisheries Fri Aug 7, 2015
Urine arsenic concentrations and species excretion patterns in American Indian communities over a 10-year period: the Strong Heart Study Fri Aug 7, 2015
Urine arsenic concentrations and species excretion patterns in American Indian communities over a 10-year period: the Strong Heart Study Fri Aug 7, 2015
Assessment of PCB congener analytical methods: do they meet risk assessment needs? Fri Aug 7, 2015
Cyanide hazards to plants and animals from gold mining and related water issues Fri Aug 7, 2015
Washington & Lee Law Review 68 Wash & Lee L. Rev. 27 Fri Aug 7, 2015
198. Anonymous Article: an Environmental Justice Critique of Comparative Advantage: Indigenous Peoples, Trade Policy, and the Mexican Neoliberal Economic Reforms 2011 Fri Aug 7, 2015
Wildfire in the East: The Phantom Menace and the Real Cause: Lessons from Colorado's Hayman Fire Thu Jul 16, 2015
Annual Review of Administrative Law: Foreword: Agency Self-Regulation Thu Jul 16, 2015
Annual Review of Environmental and Natural Resources Law: Note: Making Snow in the Desert: Defining a Substantial Burden under RFRA Thu Jul 16, 2015
New Model for Disaster Relief: a Solution to the Posse Comitatus Conundrum Thu Jul 16, 2015
What Congress Gives, Congress Takes Away: Tribal Sovereign Immunity and the Threat of Agroterrorism Thu Jul 16, 2015
FESTSCHRIFT: Indian Water Rights, Practical Reasoning, and Negotiated Settlements Thu Jul 16, 2015
the Evolution of the Applicability of Erisa to Indian Tribes: we may Finally have Congressional Intent, but It's Still Flawed Thu Jul 16, 2015