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Institutions and Casinos on American Indian Reservations: An Empirical Analysis of the Location of Indian Casinos Thu Jul 16, 2015
the Mountain Pine Beetle: how Forest Mismanagement and a Flawed Regulatory Structure Contributed to an Uncontrollable Epidemic Thu Jul 16, 2015
Drug Panic in an Age of Ambivalence Thu Jul 16, 2015
A Trickle of Cash for the River of Grass: Federal Funding of Comprehensive Everglades Restoration, a Critique and a Proposal Thu Jul 16, 2015
Whose Food Security? Confronting Expanding Commodity Production and the Obesity and Diabetes Epidemics Thu Jul 16, 2015
AS IOWA GOES, SO GOES THE NATION: VARNUM v. BRIEN AND ITS IMPACT ON MARRIAGE RIGHTS FOR SAME-SEX COUPLES: STUDENT NOTE: Latino/a Plaintiffs and the Intersection of Stereotypes, Unconscious Bias, Race-Neutral Policies, and Personal Injury Thu Jul 16, 2015
X Misses the Spot: Fernandez V. Keisler and the (Mis)appropriation of Brand X by the Board of Immigration Appeals 2010 209. Anonymous COMMENT: Advancing Tribal Law Through "Treatment as a State" Under the Obama Administration Thu Jul 16, 2015
Advancing Tribal Law Through "Treatment as a State" Under the Obama Administration: American Indians May Also Find Help from Their Legal Relative, Louisiana - No Blood Quantum Necessary Thu Jul 16, 2015
INDIAN GAMING REGULATORY ACT SYMPOSIUM: ARTICLE: The States As Trespassers in a Federal-Tribal Relationship: A Historical Critique of Tribal-State Compacting under IGRA Thu Jul 16, 2015
Evaluating the Consequences of Climate Change on Indian Reserved Water Rights and the PIA: The Impracticably Irrigable Acreage Standard Thu Jul 16, 2015
Dramatically Narrowing Rfra's Definition of "Substantial Burden" in the Ninth Circuit - the Vestiges of Lyng V. Northwest Indian Cemetery Protective Association in Navajo Nation Et Al. V. United States Forest Service Et Al. Thu Jul 16, 2015
Developing a Sustainable Hardrock Mining and Mineral Processing Industry: Environmental and Natural Resource Law for Twenty-First Century People, Prosperity, and the Planet Thu Jul 16, 2015
Urbanization and Health Planning: Challenge and Opportunity for the American Indian Community Thu Jul 16, 2015
Risks to Health Among American Indian/ Alaska Native High School Students in the United States Thu Jul 16, 2015
Concentrations of surface-dust metals in Native American jewelry-making homes in Zuni Pueblo, New Mexico. (from abstract) Thu Jul 16, 2015
Anthropogenic effects on soil quality of ancient agricultural systems of the American Southwest Thu Jul 16, 2015
Change is in the Wind: Self-Determination and Wind Power through Tribal Energy Resource Agreements Thu Jul 16, 2015
The Modern Oil Shale Boom: An Opportunity for Thoughtful Mineral Development Thu Jul 16, 2015
Museums and Indians: Native Nations and Museums: Developing an Institutional Framework for Cultural Sovereignty Thu Jul 16, 2015
Betting the Rancheria: Environmental Protections as Bargaining Chips Under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act Thu Jul 16, 2015
Assessments of Aquifer Sensitivity on Navajo Nation and Adjacent Lands and Ground-Water Vulnerability to Pesticide Contamination on the Navajo Indian Irrigation Project, Arizona, New Mexico, and Utah Thu Jul 16, 2015
Perceived occupational and environmental exposures - A case study of former uranium millworkers Thu Jul 16, 2015
The Unlawful Delisting of Northern Rocky Mountain Gray Wolves from Endangered Species Act Protections Thu Jul 16, 2015
Occupational practices and the making of health news: a national survey of U.S. health and medical science journalists. Thu Jul 16, 2015
Empowerment education: the link between media literacy and health promotion. Thu Jul 16, 2015
Understanding health literacy: an expanded model. Thu Jul 16, 2015
Approaches to Improving Health literacy: lessons from the field. Thu Jul 16, 2015
Numeracy skill and the communication, comprehension, and use of risk-benefit. Thu Jul 16, 2015