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As part of an extensive restructuring of the Cellular Imaging portion of the SWEHSC website we have moved many web pages and PDFs to a different (non-SWEHSC) web server. Our hope is that this will give the content and materials a broader audience. For a variety of reasons, this will be the fourth domain name for some of these web pages (a few date to Feb 1996!)

To find your favorite content you can jump directly to the new location at the UA Microscopy Alliance, or take a look below where we have listed the pages with links to their new locations. We hope to add to and expand this content in it's new location.

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Doug Cromey
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Web pages   PDFs

Microscopy & Imaging Resources on the WWW
▸ History & Rationalle (for this web content)

K-12 Educational sites
▸ Sites with Microscope images

General Microscopy Information
▸ Free Magazines

Light Microscopes (the basics, widefield)
▸ Lenses (Magnification, NA, Working distance)

▸ Formaldehyde fixatives
▸ Bouin's fixative

Confocal Microscopy
▸ Fluorescence

Electron Microscopy

Digital Images
▸ Digital Image Ethics
▸ Digital Image Software


These can all be found on the Printable Materials page

▸ Basic Microscope Alignment
▸ Light Microscopy Tips
▸ Formaldehyde Fixatives
▸ Light Microscope Vendors for Southern Arizona

Digital Imaging
▸ Digital Imaging Ethics
▸ Potentially the most dangerous dialog box in Adobe Photoshop™
▸ Using the Histogram Tool

Instrument-specific handouts
▸ Improving Image Quality on the UACC Leica SP5 confocal
▸ #1.5 Coverslips for Microscopy
▸ Sample Preparation Guidelines for SR-SIM