Outreach Personnel


Paloma Beamer

Paloma Beamer, Ph.D is the Director of the Community Engagement and also serves as Facility Co-Leader and RFG Co-Leader. She also serves as an associate professor in Public Health, BIO5 Institute, Chemical and Environmental Engineering, and American Indian Studies-GIDP. Dr. Beamer received her Bachelor of Science from the University of California Berkeley in Environmental Engineering and went on to earn a Master of Science and Ph. D from Stanford University.

Dr. Beamer takes from her experience living between Mexico and America and her studies in Chile observing how different the environments were contaminated to facilitate her research and programs. (Read more about her experience here) Dr. Beamer's research focuses on understanding how individuals are exposed to environmental contaminants and the health risks of these exposures with a special focus on vulnerable populations, including children, low-wage immigrant workers, Native Americans, and those in the US-Mexico Border Region. Dr. Beamer uses field sampling, GIS, computer modeling and laboratory techniques in her research. The goal of her work is to develop more effective interventions and policies for prevention of avoidable cases of certain diseases such as asthma.


Associate Director 

Benjamin Richmond

Ben Richmond, MPH has been with the Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center since 2015 and is the Associate Director of the Community Engagement Core. He earned his BS in Public Health and MPH from the University of Arizona and is currently pursuing a PhD in Higher Education. Ben’s work focuses on developing pathways into Environmental Health and STEM careers, understanding environmental health literacy, utilizing best practices to communicate complex science to the public, and being a resource to communities to answer their environmental health questions and concerns. He works with communities throughout Arizona including 9 Tribal communities.

Ben’s research interest is in understanding the social and cultural barriers students face in pursuing higher education especially as it relates to Environmental Health and STEM related majors and careers. Using this research focus, Ben has devolved programs that aim to increase students’ STEM related knowledge and skills, improve students’ self-efficacy in pursuing STEM related majors and careers, and increase sense of belonging on a university campus.

Marti Lindsey, Ph.D. - Former CEC director 

Community Engagement Core

Marti Lindsey was appointed director of the Outreach and Education Core in 2002. She also serves as a Co-Director of the KEYS High School Student Research Internships Program.

Marti collaborates with basic and clinical scientists, integrating public health outreach and translational opportunities with environmental health sciences research.

For over twenty years  Lindsey has built bridges between groups and cultures, in one form or another. Prior to her current position, Dr. Lindsey served as a Librarian on the Navajo Reservation and was a social work consultant in long term care.  Lindsey draws upon her experience in order to share information resulting from the research of toxicologists and environmental health scientists with the public and the K-12 education community and to facilitate partnerships among these groups.

Dr Lindsey’s research focuses on environmental health literacy. Developing research interests are:

  • High school student researcher achievement
  • Environmental health literacy competencies
  • Best practices of outreach engagement of American Indian communities