Spring 2018 has brought the volume 3 of Indigenous Stewards to life, which would have not been possible if it were not for more than 300 individuals. All journeys and knowledge shared are just as colorful as the cover artwork that recognizes the need for all hands to assist healing our Mother Earth.

Volume 3 has truly come a long way to share empowered voices of the youth, scholars, and communities. These voices are working to address environmental health and how the environment affects human health and how we impact our environment.

The magazine highlights various youth who are taking initiatives as environmental advocates. Our youth are not waiting, but acting now in innovate ways to make change that will improve their home communities.

A key feature is Dr.PH. Stephanie Carroll Rainie who works to create “Data Warriors”. These warriors are individuals working towards a vision of healthy, sustainable communities by claiming development of one’s own tribal data – for the tribe by the tribe. Data that advances tribal aspirations for collective and individual wellbeing within the Indigenous nations.

Among the stories are various programs that display youth who have flourished and made connections with Elders such as at the Protecting Our Lands Camp, The Native Men’s Prayer Circle, and second Tribal Environmental Health Forum.

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