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Join the Fight Against COVID-19 on Tribal Lands!


AZ HEROES (Arizona Healthcare, Emergency Response, and Other Essential Workers Surveillance) is a study at the University of Arizona (UA) that wants to understand essential workers’ health related to getting or re-getting COVID-19. In addition, this study plans to partner with Tribal Communities to include Native American participants to ensure adequate representation in the study.


The UA College of Public Health is looking for tribal members, who are essential workers, to join the AZ HEROES Study. 

Essential Workers in Tribal Communities include, but are not limited to:

  • First responders (emergency medical technicians, firefighters, emergency preparedness personnel)
  • Health care personnel (CNAs, RNs, pharmacy technicians, physicians, etc.)
  • Tribal office workers
  • Convenient and grocery store workers
  • Casino workers 
  • Educators not working remotely 

To join the study, please click here.


  • To better understand COVID-19 transmission, infection and reinfection rates, risk factors, and protective factors in Arizona tribal communities
  • To better understand the rate of reinfection of COVID-19
  • To better understand patterns of immunity to COVID-19
  • To protect Tribal first responders, healthcare personnel, and their patients


  • Enroll tribal healthcare personnel, first responders, and essential workers
  • Essential workers are those who a tribe designates and can include educators, casino workers, emergency preparedness and environmental staff members and others who have daily contact with the public
  • All participants will provide blood samples at the enrollment, midpoint, and endpoint of the study to COVID-19 antibody testing
  • Participants will also provide weekly self-collected respiratory samples via nose swabs for COVID-19 testing
    • Blood and respiratory samples will only be used to study COVID-19 within this study.  Samples will NOT be used for any other research.
  • Participants will also receive weekly text messages for active surveillance during the study


Tribal Nations

  • Identification and recruitment of tribal members
  • Oversight of tribal members involved in project

University of Arizona Researchers and Community Engagement Staff Members

  • Oversight of project
  • Process blood and respiratory sample