A Student's Journey - FAQ

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Common Questions: 
Is this only for students planning to attend the University of Arizona?
No! While the program takes place at the UA, we help students transition to any university of their choice. You will only have to be at the UA during the 5-week summer experience. 
Can non-traditional (25+ years or older) students apply?
Yes absoutley! We will work with non-traditional students on an individual basis to ensure they have the same opportunities to join the program. Especially if students have a full-time job or family responsibilities. 
Are San Carlos Apache College (SCAC) students eligible to apply?
Yes! Any currently enrolled SCAC student is eligble under TOCC's enrollment policy. 
Can my children join me for the 5-week UA summer internship experience?
Yes, we have provided off-campus housing for students that have children. We also work with the Campus Recreation Center to provide summer camp programming for children throughout the day while students are at their internship site. 
Do you have to be Tohono O'odham to be eligible to apply?
No, this program is eligible for any student from any background as long as you're a currently enrolled TOCC or SCAC student. 
When is the first day of the UA summer internship? 
Move in day for the 2023 program will be on Wednesday, July 5th, 2023. The final day of the UArizona experience will be Friday, August 4th. Students will begin their campus internships starting, July 10th. 
What does a typical day as an intern look like? 
Week 1 will be an orientation to the program, the University of Arizona, and the Tucson community. After week 1, interns will be at their internship site Monday through Thursday between 20-25 hours per week and rejoin the group at the end of the day for social events. Each Friday will be our day in class (PCOL 205 seminar) for all interns, excusing them from their internship site. 
Where will I be staying for 5 weeks? 
We will provide campus housing for all students at a UArizona dormitory. University dormitories include a full kitchen for meal preparation, laundry room, community bathrooms, and other amenities. Additonally, campus housing is not a requirement if a student lives in Tucson or has children. 
Where will my internship placement be? 
You will be placed depending on your academic and career interests. We will be as flexible as possible to pair you with a UA faculty/staff member in your area of interest. 
Will my meals be covered?
Yes, each student will get a $500 meal plan allowance throughout the duration of the program. Additonally, the program will provide meals on PCOL205 course seminar days, weeknight activities, and weekend events. 
Can I bring my car to the UA campus?
Yes, we will provide a parking pass for your duration of the program. You may bring your car for move-in purposes, getting groceries, and exploring Tucson during your free time. 
If I have a summer job, can I still participate?
Yes! We will work with you on an individual basis to ensure you still have the opportunity to complete the program. We have worked with employeers in the past to provide our students with any necessary accommodations. 
Will this college credit transfer? 
Yes, this program will provide 3 units of transferable college credit. 
For more information, please contact our staff.