Summaries of SWEHSC Research

Article Summaries by Devin Ritter

Researcher, RFG Title  Date Published 
Georg Wondrak, RFG3 Hypochlorous Acid as a Treatment for Skin Cancer 4-29-2022
Fernando Martinez, RFG2 Asthma in African American Children. 5-1-2021
Jefferey Burgess, RFG1 Can exposure to fire alter your DNA? 3-2-2021
Jefferey Burgess, RFG1 Firefighting and the exposure to cancerous byproducts. 2-12-2021
Jefferey Burgess, RFG1  Is the risk of cancer higher for firefighters?  1 -28-2021
Georg Wondrak, RFG3 Easing Pain Caused by Cancer Radiation Therapy 6-24-2020
Georg Wondrak, RFG3 Examining Cell Similarities in Melanoma Patients 5-26-2020
Georg Wondrak, RFG3 Sunless chemical tanning, and its possible uses 5-5-2020
Walter Klimecki  Exposure to Arsenic Worsens Influenza Virus. 4-4-2020
Kurgat Limiting virus spread through hygiene intervention.  
Fernando Martinez, RFG2 Causes and Treatment for Intermittent Wheezing in Young Children.  
Monica Ramirez-Andreotta, RFG1  Crop Exposure to Arsenic and Cadmium.  
A. Wilson, P. Beamer, RFG1 How Touching Your Face Can Expose You to Viruses  
D. Zhang, E. Chapman, RFG2 How To Activate Cancer-Preventing Protein NRF2