SWEHSC Outreach Projects Recognized in Poster Competitions

Ben Richmond, Outreach Coordinator, and Saige Williams, Outreach Intern, are currently working in conjunction with Tucson Water and the City of Tucson on a risk communication project called "Water Talks." Together, they are striving to create effective communication models and outreach tools that will engage, educate, and inform the public about perceptions of risk and drinking water quality. To date, they have presented their research at two different water research conferences in Arizona:


On 14 January, Ben and Saige attended the AZ Water Association's Annual Research Conference at SRP's Pera Club Pavilion in Tempe, Arizona. There, they listened to various presentations on water-related research, received updates on research at the national level, networked with numerous water professionals and researchers, and participated in a student poster presentation,  where they earned second place!



Gilbert L. Rivera Jr., Tribal Liaison, also participated in the AZ Water Association’s  Annual Research Conference. In the student poster competition  Gilbert presented  his work on a community meeting held on the Tohono  O’odham Nation discussing  arsenic in ground water,  the Indigenous Stewards  magazine, and the Tribal Forum.  His poster won third place! For more  information about Gilbert’s work please click  here.


On 21 March, Ben and Saige attended the Water Resources Research Center's Annual  Conference in the Grand Ballroom of the Student Union Memorial Center on the  University of Arizona main campus in Tucson, Arizona. Not only were they treated to  talks and panel discussions from a full roster of experts and innovators in a variety  of fields including water technology, communication, education, policy, and management fields, but they also had the opportunity to participate in another student poster session, where they earned third place!


For more information on the Water Talks project, please visit: http://swehsc.pharmacy.arizona.edu/content/outreach/risk-communication. If you are interested in participating in a focus group to help develop better methods of communication regarding the quality of your water, please answer a few basic questions on this web page and let us know how to contact you:  https://uarizona.co1.qualtrics.com/SE/?SID=SV_cvhDR2tRSnsiPSR.