Research Groups

Highlights (RFG3)

  • Goals: to provide expert evaluation and support for intra- and inter-programmatic research initiatives related to oxidative stress and other molecular mechanisms associated with environmental exposures.
  • Focus: motivating new research initiatives by enabling technologies, and providing SWEHSC investigators access to scientific and educational activities as well as nurturing research opportunities with environmental health experts.

Highlights (RFG1)

  • Goal: to partner with Indigenous, Hispanic, and rural communities in the Southwest to determine the contribution of chemical and other environmental exposures to health inequities and to support efforts to eliminate these disparities.
  • Focus: effective and sustainable environmental health disparities research and mitigation.


A high incidence of bladder cancer has ravaged areas that are prone to high Arsenic exposure.  RFG 1 is studying the carcinogenic (cancer-causing) properties of arsenic and its effect on urothelial cells (cells that make up the tissue that lines the urinary system).


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