Center Membership

There are currently 35 SWEHSC investigators integrated within 3 organized Research Focus Group (RFGs), and 6 SWEHSC Key Personnel, SWEHSC participants who play an active and essential role in the center, either within the Facility Cores or as advisors to the center.

To qualify as a Center Investigator, an individual must be conducting research in the environmental health sciences, or a related area, and/or must be a principal/co-principal investigator of a peer-reviewed funded project.

Nominations for first time appointment as a SWEHSC investigator are made on behalf of the nominee in a letter to the Director from a Research Focus Group Director. Appointment as a SWEHSC investigator is based on the following criteria, which serve as guidelines for new and continuing appointments.

  • Investigators should maintain an active, extramurally funded research program with a focus within the broad scope of the NIEHS mission.
  • Investigators are expected work with colleagues both within and outside the SWEHSC to conduct interdisciplinary research within the framework of the NIEHS mission.
  • Investigators must participate in the activities of the SWEHSC research program with which they are affiliated.
  • Investigators must contribute to the educational and outreach activities of the COEC of the SWEHSC.
  • Investigators are expected to actively use the facilities of the SWEHSC Facility Cores in their research.
  • Investigators must contribute to the research training and career development activities of the SWEHSC.

Pilot Project recipients automatically receive membership. The initial appointment to SWEHSC membership is for a fixed term of two years. Individual investigators will inevitably vary in their degree of involvement in various SWEHSC activities and their use of SWEHSC resources.

Nevertheless, to be accorded Center Investigator status, an individual must have a current faculty appointment at the level of Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor, and/or should be the principal/co-principal investigator of a peer-reviewed funded project or be a Pilot Project recipient. Moreover, active involvement in SWEHSC research programs is considered essential for continuing status. The IAB meets annually, at the start of the renewal cycle (April 1), to evaluate SWEHSC investigators for continued appointment. Members who have not made significant contributions to SWEHSC are not re-appointed.