Clark Lantz, Ph.D.

Director of the Cellular Imaging Facility Core
Deputy Director, SWEHSC
Professor, Dept. of Cellular & Molecular Medicine
Office: Life Sciences North 447 (map)
Voice: (520) 626-6716
FAX: (520) 626-2097
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Dr. Lantz has been the director of this Facility Core since the SWEHSC was founded in the early 1990s. He serves on a number of imaging-related university committees and has been actively involved in obtaining funding for new instrumentation.

Dr. Lantz has experience with a number of microscopic techniques. His particular forte is in designing experiments using the image analysis techniques of morphometrics and stereology.

Dr. Lantz is also the SWEHSC's Deputy-Director, and the Director of the SWEHSC Environmental Lung Diseases research focus group.

Douglas Cromey, M.S.

Manager of the Cellular Imaging Facility Core
Associate Scientific Investigator, Dept. of Cellular & Molecular Medicine
Office: Life Sciences North 463 (map)
Voice: (520) 626-2824
FAX: (520) 626-2097
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Mr. Cromey was hired in the first year that the SWEHSC was funded (1994). He has over 35 years of hands-on experience with clinical and research microscopy (electron microscopy, light microscopy, confocal, live cell imaging, & image analysis). Mr. Cromey is the person to contact for SWEHSC investigators and their lab staff that need assistance with microscopy and imaging.

Mr. Cromey wears many hats. In exchange for partial salary support, he is the manager of the UACC TACMASR confocal microscope and a manager in the ARL Imaging Cores - LSN, responsible for the superresolution fluorescence microscope and the multi-function brightfield/fluorescence widefield microscope.

Mr. Cromey is actively involved in providing training and training materials for users. He has created a collection of web pages that are educational resources about different types of microscopy, written a number of handouts that are available online, spoken at local workshops & national meetings on the topic of digital imaging ethics, and much more.

Mr. Cromey was recognized with the 2014 University of Arizona Award for Excellence.