Steps 2 STEM


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The Steps 2 STEM Summer Research Internship is a 4-week research experience for students participating in the Pima County Youth Career Connect program. Interns participating in Steps 2 STEM go through two days of science literacy training. During the next 4 weeks, students are assigned to and begin working in research labs across the University of Arizona. Students are placed into labs based on their scientific interests. At the conclusion of the 4-week internship, interns present their experience at the Steps 2 STEM Research Exhibit.  

    Eligibility Requirements

    • Students participating in Pima County's Youth Career Connect Program
    • At least 18 years old by the start of the Program OR attending the University of Arizona in the following Fall semester
    • Completion of both MCB 101 AND MCB 102 by the start of the program

    Steps 2 STEM Interns Will:

    • Work in real research labs across the University of Arizona campus
    • Develop science literacy skills
    • Develop Public Speaking Skills
    • Receive 3 units of MCB 103 credit
    • Receive University of Arizona Bloodborne Pathogens certification
    • Receive University of Arizona Lab and Chemical Safety Certification


    It is also conducted in partnership with Nadja Anderson, PhD, Direcore of the BIOTECH Project at the University of Arizona