Translational Research Support Core

Translational Research Support Core

At SWEHSC, translational research moves scientific ideas across disciplinary boundaries to become closer to achieving real-world benefit to people. The Translational Research Support Core (TRSC) provides technologies and expertise to help researchers translate scientific ideas toward benefitting peoples’ health.

Data Science Resource

Data science, which encompasses statistics and machine learning, bioinformatics, data management, and computing, is a critical component for robust translational research.

Implementation Resource for Translational and Human Exposure Research

IRTH uses the NIEHS Translational Research Framework as a model for facilitating, mapping, and making connections to promote translational research both within the center and in the community

Inhalation Exposure Developmental Resource

The Inhalation Exposure Resource (IER) offers access to inhalation toxicology expertise and a shared facility currently dedicated to rodent Inhalation exposure studies.

Leadership - Translational Research Support Core 
Director - Dean Billheimer, PhD
Co-Directors - Paloma Beamer, PhD and Xinxin Ding, PhD