Providing management, coordination, and vision to further environmental health research in the Southwest

The Administrative Core provides oversight and coordination of Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center (SWEHSC) activities. The SWEHSC is a leader in interdisciplinary research at the University of Arizona (UArizona).

The SWEHSC AC promotes research excellence in the environmental health sciences (EHS) by facilitating SWEHSC initiatives on the UAHS campus, statewide, nationally, and internationally. Indeed, several of the significant strengths highlighted throughout this application have been the direct result of the leadership of the SWEHSC AC, including our success in community outreach to native and Indigenous populations, the international recognition of our research focus area strengths, and the integration between our FCs and the research focus groups. The AC (i) provides an administrative framework to advance the intellectual and technological expertise of its members, (ii) provides leadership that creates an environment conducive to the development of interdisciplinary research, (iii) assists members in identifying translational research opportunities, and (iv) develops personal and professional opportunities for members to become national and international leaders in EHS.

Specific Aim 1

Foster and lead the development of new research initiatives within the SWEHSC, across the UAHS campus, statewide, nationally (e.g. inter-NIEHS Center collaborations), and internationally (e.g. US/Mexico Border environmental health issues).

Specific Aim 2

Coordinate and integrate the Research Themes and Facility Cores in all SWEHSC activities.

Specific Aim 3

Utilize the Pilot Projects and other enrichment activities to recruit and nurture the emergence and development of new research themes and programs within the SWEHSC.

Specific Aim 4

Use the Pilot Project Program and Career Development Core to nurture junior faculty and assist them to incorporate environmental health sciences projects into their research efforts.

Specific Aim 5

Use the Community Outreach Education Core to assist in the education and protection of at-risk populations in the arid Southwest.

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