Paloma Beamer

Facility Co-Leader
CEC Co-Director
Research Focus Group Membership: 
Research Focus Group 1
BS University of California, Berkeley
MS, Stanford University
PhD, Stanford University
College Affiliations: 
College of Public Health College of Engineering Bio5 Institute Asthma and Airway Disease Research Center
Research Interests: 
Health disparities; exposure modeling; risk assessment; exposure factors; environmental epidemiology; community-engaged research; respiratory disease
Environmental Health Research & Expertise: 
Dr. Beamer's research focuses on understanding how individuals are exposed to environmental contaminants and the health risks of these exposures with a special focus on vulnerable populations, including children, low-wage immigrant workers, Native Americans and those in the US-Mexico Border Region. Dr. Beamer uses field sampling, GIS, computer modeling and laboratory techniques in her research. She has led multiple studies to collect of multi-media exposure samples for metals, pesticides and VOCs with minority and rural populations. The ultimate goal of her work is to develop more effective interventions and policies for prevention of avoidable cases of certain diseases such as asthma. Dr. Beamer is the Past President for the International Society of Exposure Science and an Associate Editor for Environmental Health Perspectives

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