Scott Boitano

Scott Boitano

Professor, Physiology, Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Immunobiology
BIO5 Collaborative Research Institute
Asthma and Airway Disease Research Center

Thomas Keating Building (BIO5), room 427


  • B.S. Plant Pathology, University of California, Berkeley 1979 - 1983
  • Ph.D. Genetics and Cell Biology, Washington State University, 1986 - 1991
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow/Assistant Research Scientist, University of California, Los Angeles, 1991 - 1996

Dr. Boitano has 30 years of research experience in studies centered on the lung epithelium. His research has covered cellular signaling, cell-cell communication, wound healing, cellular differentiation, host/pathogen interactions in the airway and, toxin compromise of the airway epithelium. The current laboratory focus is on novel drug discovery and development for asthma (and pain). These studies include the development of antagonists to a novel G protein coupled receptor, protease-activated receptor-2 (PAR2) and the subsequent understanding of PAR2 cellular signaling pathways that leads to asthma symptoms. Through collaborations with multiple laboratories, including some in the Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center (SWEHSC), we have recently developed biased ligand antagonists that are shown to be effective in preventing allergen-induced asthma in animal models expressing human PAR2.

Environmental research interests - Control of allergen and environmental challenges that lead to asthma exacerbations