Overall Structure and Composition of the Administrative Core

The University of Arizona is a state-supported, land grant university that operates under the auspices of the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR). The UA President, Dr. Robert Robbins, reports directly to the Board. The Dean of the College of Pharmacy (Rick Schnellmann) is also a SWEHSC member and NIH funded researcher who has direct oversight of the Center for Toxicology. The Center for Toxicology, commissioned by the ABOR, houses the NIEHS programmatic initiatives including the SWEHSC and the Super Fund Research Program, the NIEHS T32 Training Program in Environmental Toxicology of Human Disease, and the R25 EHS-TRUE Undergraduate Research Training Program, which greatly enhance the EHS research environment at UA. The SWEHSC is directed by Dr. Nathan Cherrington and remains an integral part of the University of Arizona Health Sciences.