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What is Environmental Scholars?

Environmental Scholars is a week long summer experience for high school students made possible through our partnership with the Upward Bound program which works to help highschool students successfully transition to their college careers. Over the course of the week students learn about environmental health and about the support provided for them at a four year institution. As a final project students create a project proposal to tackle an environmental concern in their community.

How are students selected?

Students who participate in Environmental Scholars are apart of the larger cohort of students participating in the Upward Bound program. Click here to learn more about The Upward Bound program.

Student Engagement

The Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center promotes a curriculum that is built with hands-on activites, peer feedback and independent growth. Students learn the fundamentals of environmental health and research through hands-on activites that focus on concerns that plague their communities. They then use this information to create a project proposal to solve a environmental health concern that is important to them. In the past, hands-on activites have covered topics ranging from epigentics to water quality. Check out the NEWS page to see what our scholars have done in the past!