Steps 2 STEM

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The Steps 2 STEM Summer Research Internship is a 4-week research experience for students participating in the Pima County JTED's Bioscience and Health Science programs.

Interns participating in Steps 2 STEM go through two days of science literacy training. The following four weeks will be spent working with professionals in STEM-related fields across the University of Arizona. At the conclusion of the 4-week internship, interns present their experience at the Steps 2 STEM Research Exhibit. Steps 2 STEM is a collaborative project with Nadja Anderson, PhD, Director of the BIOTECH Project at the University of Arizona.

Nadja Anderson, Ph.D.
Director, BIOTECH Program520-626-4664
Email: Dr. Anderson

2021 Program Dates

June 9, 2021 - July 9, 2021

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students participating in Pima County JTED’s Bioscience and Health Science programs.
  • At least 16 years old by the start of the Program
  • Completion of both MCB 101 AND MCB 102 by the start of the program preferred

Steps 2 STEM Interns Will:

  • Work in real research labs across the University of Arizona campus
  • Develop science literacy skills
  • Develop Public Speaking Skills
  • Receive 3 units of MCB 103 credit
  • Receive University of Arizona Bloodborne Pathogens certification
  • Receive University of Arizona Lab and Chemical Safety Certification




Application Instructions:

Thank you for your interest in participating in STEPS 2 STEM!

The deadline to submit applications is February 28th, 2021 at 11:59pm. The review committee will begin to review applications, and once the review is complete, qualified applicants will be asked to interview. Here are two things to keep in mind while completing this application. 

First: Complete your application in one sitting

The application will save automatically as you move through each page, but it will only be saved on the computer you are using. It is also important to know that if you do not complete your application, another person who has access to your computer will also have access to the information you have already entered. It is for these reasons that we recommend you complete this application in one sitting.

If you would like to review the application in its entirety before completing the online form, please click here. Use this document as a worksheet to make sure you have all the information you need to complete the application.

Instructions for your cover letter and resume can be found hereUse this document to make sure your application is complete and in the proper format.

Second: Apply by clicking the button below

After you gather the information you need for the application, have your resume and letter of interest ready to upload, and you feel ready to complete the online application form, please click the button below.





When are applications due?

Applications will be due on February 3, 2020 at 11:59 pm.

What does a typical day during Steps 2 STEM look like?

  • Interns will first participate in a two-day science literacy training.
  • The following four weeks will be spent working with professionals in STEM-related fields.
  • One morning each week will be spent at a work skills development seminar where interns will listen to speakers who work in various STEM fields, and interns will also get to prepare for their final presentation.
  • Interns can expect to work between 35 - 40 hours per week. 

How old must you be to participate in Steps to STEM?

You must be 16 years old by the start of the program to participate. This year, the program will begin on June 13, 2019.

What is expected of me if I am selected as an intern?

All interns are expected to be available for the entirety of the program and be able to work 35-40 hours per week. Interns are expected to treat this opportunity as a job and therefore should always be on time or early and conduct themselves in a professional manner. 

What are the steps to getting into Steps 2 STEM?

1. Submit the Steps 2 STEM application.

2. After review of all applications, qualified applicants will be invited to interview.

3. After your interview, program staff will notify selected applicants. 

Do I need to have taken certain classes?

No, but completeion of MCB 101 (Biotechnology 1) is preferred

What are the dates of the Steps 2 STEM program?

  • Steps 2 STEM will begin on June 11, 2019, and the final day will be on July 10, 2019.
  • Students will need to ask their internship hosts about their schedules during holidays.  

What are the eligibility requirements for Steps 2 STEM

To participate in steps to STEM you must:

1. Be participating in Pima County JTED's Bioscience or Health Science programs

2. Be at least 16 years old by the start of the Program OR attending the University of Arizona in the following Fall semester

3. Have a passion and for science and human health

If you have any other questions, please contact Ben Richmond at 



Benjamin Richmond
Benjamin Richmond
Assistant Director,
(520) 626-5708
nadja Anderson
Nadja Anderson

Director, BIOTECH Program
(520) 626-5708

Marti Lindsey
Marti Lindsey
Director, SWEHSC CEC
(520) 626-3692