Georg Wondrak

Internal Advisory

The Internal Advisory Board (IAB) assists the Director in leading SWEHSC activities and functions in oversight, evaluation, management, and direction roles. The constitution of the IAB includes Directors of the various Facility Cores, the Research Focus Group Directors, the Director and Co-Director of the Community Engagement Core, and the Pilot Project Coordinator. The IAB assists the Center Director in making scientific and administrative decisions and in the allocation of resources. The IAB is responsible for funding decisions following the peer review of Pilot Project applications.

Pilot studies examining cinnamon-based Nrf2 activation targeting arsenic-impairment of skin wound healing

The Pilot Project was designed to generate strong preliminary experimental evidence in human skin reconstructs and mouse skin to confirm the feasibility of cutaneous Nrf2 upregulation using topical cinnamaldehyde (CA) and to support CA-based suppression of photocarcinogenesis in a SKH1-Nrf2 wild type mouse model. Data indicate that CA causes a Keap1-C151-dependent increase in the Nrf2 half-life via blockage of ubiquitination with upregulation of a broad panel of cytoprotective Nrf2 target genes and elevation of cellular glutathione.


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