Risky Business

Why is it important?


Risky Business is an interactive activity that teaches students the importance of risk assessments how risk perception plays a role in personal behavior. At the end of the  presentation students are challenged to make decisions of their own, some are focused on individual choices while others arefocused on the community level. In order  to make the information presented as relatable as possible, all the examples given are relevant to Arizona.

    Activity worksheet


    Environmental health risk are often perceived differently in different parts of the world and within different households. This activity challenges students to understand how their decisions impact themselves and the world around them. Not every choice has the outcome that they would expect. The instructor script begins with an introduction to the material and ends with instructions for the interactive activity.  It is designed to make walking through the lesson easy to follow in any educational setting.


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    Creation Date: June 2021
    Last Updated: December 1, 2021