A Student's Journey: Core Values

Our Mission:

The Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center and Tohono O'odham Community College have partnered together to create a program that addresses low graduation, transfer, and workforce rates among Tohono O'odham residents. This year-long program will embrace TOCC students by developing an agenda that directly serves them. We will develop confidence and empowerment among program participants by challenging them to think and act critically throughout the program and during their internships. Our mentors and faculty will be there to guide them along the way, ensuring that they have a sense of belonging on campus and have professional resources to rely on. Our staff is determined to prepare them for their academic and professional careers.

Core Values:

T-Ṣo:ṣon (Our Core)

T-Wohocudadag - Our Beliefs

T-Apedag -  Our Well-Being

T-Pi:k Elida - Our Deepest Respect

I-We:mta - Working Together